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How To Sew PJ (Pajama) Pants

DIY PJ pant tutorial

Most PJ patterns will have 2 sets of pattern pieces (front and back)

If your interested in drafting your own pattern, pls visit the link on the screen or

If your using my pattern, please add 3/4” to the top edge of the pant before cutting your fabric.

Place BACK pieces right sides together and pin along the crotch, do the same for the front pattern pieces as well.

For those who are beginner sewers, a seam guide is a great tool to help you when you sewing on curves.

Remember to back stitch when you begin and end sewing

Lay the front over the back, right sides together, pin at the side seams and sew.

When you done make sure to finish your seams. Links for seam finishes are located on the screen and below.

Match the crotch seams, pin and sew.

Along the WL, Your pattern piece will have a fold line. The fold line will represents the fold that will become the encasement for the waistband.  Fold and fold over another 1/2” to finish the seam.

Now, you’ll see it on the fabric: on the wrong side mark off the fold line. From the top edge of the WL come down 1/2 and mark off again. Now press along the fold lines.

Top stitch as shown. Top stitching is stitching as close to the fold as possible.  Leave a 2” gap for the waistband insertion.

Wrap the elastic waistband around your waist until you get a comfortable fit. Mark off and add 1/2” for your seam allowance.

If the elastic is stiff enough you can push it through the encasement, however, it’s a lot easier to attach a safety pin to the elastic and pull it through the encasement. I didn’t have one handy…sorry

The hem is similar to the encasement. Mark off two 1/2” lines,  fold over twice, press, pin and top stitch similar to the encasement.

And that completes our pajama pants tutorial

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