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How To Make A Sleeve Pattern


This segment will focus on creating your own sleeve pattern also known as a sleeve sloper.  Please add the following ease to your measurements before beginning:

EASE for SLEEVE PATTERN ( Add ease before dividing)

Bicep Circumference  = 2 inches

Elbow Circumference= 1 inch

Wrist Circumference = 1 inch


Measurements are included in the video


1- Cut kraft or pattern paper approximately 25 X 15” and fold lengthwise.

2- Come down 1” from the top edge of the paper, square a line and label top of cap.

3-Measure down the depth of the cap and place a dot, using half of the bicep measurement extend a line and Label bicep line.

4-From the bicep line measure down half of the underarm length minus 1 1/2” and place a dot.

5 From there draw a line half of the elbow measurement and place a dot. Label Elbow line.

6. From the elbow line, use the length from elbow to wrist and place a mark. 7. At the wrist line draw a line from the fold half of the wrist measurement plus 1” for ease and place a dot.

8.Using a Yard Stick or L-shaped ruler ( as demonstrated) touch the bicep and wrist line. The ruler may not touch the elbow line and that’s ok. The new line will represent the underarm seam.

Crease the upper section of the sleeve in quarters by folding and touching the underarm seam.

To shape the sleeve cap, from the bicep, crease line use half of the cap height plus 3/4” and dot.

Measure in from the underarm, bicep line 1” and dot.

With a broken line, connect the dots.

Measure 1/4” from the center fold and dot.

With a straight broken line connect dots

Go in a 1/4” at the underarm intersection, bicep line and place a dot.

Use a french curve ruler to draw in the curves

Trace the bicep, elbow, wrist, underarm seam and cap and unfold, Use a ruler to draw in the grain line. The grain line is the center of the sleeve. ( the first fold line)

Following the remainder of the tutorial by watching the video.

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