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Easy Seam Finishes

Easy Seam Finishes

Seams are created when two pieces of fabric are sewn together and form a finished edge.  The seam allowance is the excess fabric required to sew a seam.  Commercial patterns usually have a standard 5/8 inch seam allowance and custom patterns use 1/2 inch.

Backstitch is a reverse stitch on a sewing machine and is easily completed by sewing a backward and forward stitch at the beginning and end of a seam.


Begin by sewing the seams

Make sure the raw edges of the two layers are perfectly aligned. You may use a masking tape or seam guide to guide you on the stitching. The seam guidelines are on the throat plate of the sewing machine.

Use the edge of the presser foot as a guide and sew a plain stitch on each seam allowance.

Using a pinking sheers cut both seam allowances as shown.


This finish is perfect for medium weight fabrics.

Set    the machine to a medium zigzag and sew each seam allowance 1/4” from the raw edge.

Using scissors or pinking sheers to trim close to the stitching, careful not to touch  the stitches as your cutting


Align bias strip on right side of seam allowance. From the cut edge Stitch 1/4” for thicker fabrics or 1/8” for silks You will have to pull the strip as your stitch. Use the edge of the presser foot as your stitching guide.

Fold the bias strip back over the edge of the seam allowance . Fold the raw edge to the underside and pin this will enclose the cut edge.

Stitch in the ditch ( sew as close to the seam as possible)

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